We renovated our house, we were horrified when we found a bone under it.

We renovated our house, we were horrified when we found a bone under it.
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That’s not what a house with “good bones” means.

A couple were shocked to find bones in their newly purchased home during renovations.

Cassidy Casale and Eton Marritt from Ontario, Canada bought their home in March and are planning to renovate it. But when their dream came true in April, they discovered something strange.

First there were the newspapers from the 1960s, then there were the bones.

The couple, who are both 24 years old, told that their project manager Ethan found several bones under the house while working on the electrical wiring.

The remains of unknown origin were described as “oddly large” and “suspicious”, which shocked the new homeowners.

“Finding the bones was a huge shock to us and it worried us for a while,” Cassidy said. “Some of them were very obvious rodent bones, but there was one that was oddly large and suspicious – it was the swan humerus.”

Cassidy Casale and Eton Marritt made a shocking discovery while remodeling.
Cassidy Casale and Eton Marritt make a shocking discovery while renovating their new home.
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couple home renovation
The couple began renovating their new home in April.
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The bones were found under their house.
The bones were found under their house.
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TikTok finds bones at home
Now on a viral TikTok, the couple revealed their disturbing discovery.
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They left the remains where they were discovered, allowing the investigation to continue until a zoo archaeologist identified the bone types.

The couple shared their scary stories on TikTok with a clip of the chilling discovery. 2.5 million views.

Discovered bones
While the couple was in the crawl space under their new home, they discovered skeletal remains of unknown origin.
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While the people in the comments were arguing over the skeletal remains, the caption said, “I wish we were faking it for the views.” While some warned that renovation work would be halted for a while, others claimed they could say it wasn’t human remains.

The couple released an update for their viewers to confirm the animal origins of the bones.

Photos found at home
They also found another random collection of items and items on the walls of the house.
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“Until now, we have no idea how the bones got there,” Cassidy continued. “The only way to the crawl space is through the inner barn door, there are no openings from the outside as the exterior is all solid stone.”

While some people think the house may have been built on a swan, dead or alive, it was well preserved 130 years later when the couple accidentally dug it up.

Regardless, the renovations need to continue inside their $477,713 home.

Double renewal
Despite minor setbacks and startling discoveries, the couple plans to finish the renovation and move out.
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“We liked the interesting features of the old house and knew we could work with its charm to make it great,” he said. “Although not our first choice, it’s been a great adventure so far.”

While “adventure” is the way to put it, the pair is up for the challenge of working with an “extreme” budget of less than $77,685. So far, they’ve only used a fraction of the projected cost.

Discovered bones
The bones, which the couple later updated on their TikTok accounts, were animal remains.
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With their big project still on, the couple hopes to move into their new home next week with their beloved husky, Lilo.

“Old houses throw a lot of curveballs that you can’t plan until you start breaking down the walls and go really deep,” Cassidy added. “While Eton and I work full time we do all the work ourselves so we don’t move at super speed but we spend every evening and weekend working there.”

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