[Update: Fix is live] Windows Defender reports a false positive threat ‘Behavior:Win32/Hive.ZY’; nothing to worry about

Microsoft Defender
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  • Windows Defender warns people of a “threat detected” for “Behavior:Win32/Hive.ZY”
  • The problem is tied to a new listing in Microsoft’s Defender update file that made a false detection.
  • Trigger appears to depend on Defender “detecting Electron-based or Chromium-based apps as malware”
  • Microsoft is expected to patch/update Microsoft Defender to mitigate the issue

Update #1 (01:50PM ET): According to Microsoft support forums, the Defender Team has stated that they are investigating this and hopefully will release a patch for it soon.

Update #2: (19:50 PM ET): According to the Microsoft support forums, “Indications from a Microsoft Agent, a hotfix has been released (Version: 1.373.1537.0)”

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