These Apple-Like Target Tech Accessories Are Now 50% Off

These Apple-Like Target Tech Accessories Are Now 50% Off
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Target’s first private electronics brand, Good morningit is currently 50% off on many of its products and you may notice that a many of these products have a striking resemblance to Apple products. So if you’re in the market for an Apple-like don’t mind if you don’t have the product and the real deal, it might be time to give Heyday a shot. These opportunities only online.

What is Heyday?

heyday first released in 2018 By Target as a way to target millennials and Gen Z shoppers. Line Includes headphones, earphones, Bluetooth speakers, Lightning cables, Apple Watch straps, phone cases, and other accessories. Their main goal is to have affordable, quality tech accessories that Gen Z and millennials will want. Here are some of the best deals you can get from Target right now happy day sale—and how are they price comparison to more expensive Apple counterparts.

This Heyday silicone case with clip for AirPods is half the price and comparable to Apple’s counterpart. $30 on own site. Honestly, no one will tell the difference.

This Bluetooth keyboard is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chrome (that’s two more than Apple’s keyboard). You can connect up to three different devices and switches between them with a tap, and it uses two AAA batteries. Or if you’d rather pay $100 for Apple’s equivalentthis is your money.

Sure, Heyday’s iPhone stand doesn’t carry your fancy Apple Watch with your iPhone, but intent keep your phone the same and charge it with the same MagSafe wireless charging. and less than a one fifth of the price Apple’s (really Otterbox’s) equivalent is $130.

This charger or wall adapter provides the ability to charge up to two devices simultaneously. Compatible with Android, Apple and personal computers. It also has overvoltage and short circuit protection. Apple’s equivalent will set you back $59.

Heyday’s charging pad has the same MagSafe technology to wirelessly charge your phone. There is an on-screen charge indicator light to let you know that the device is charging. Put your phone on top of it and watch the water magically come out. Apple’s equivalent cost is $39.

This isn’t Heyday’s, but it’s still over 50% off at Target. iPhone 13 Pro The case features MagSafe technology, just like Apple’s, and will cost you less than half the price. Apple’s equivalent.

OkHeyday’s power bank isn’t nearly that good Apple’s MagSafe battery pack, but look at these beautiful colors. It also charges you a tenth of the price for the minor inconvenience of being a wired charger.

WITHStraight forward win here: Unless Apple gets its own plastic Apple Watches band You will most likely receive a similar item from a different planet. five times cheaper.

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