Sports Story Version 1.0.3 Announced, Here’s What to Expect

Sports Story Version 1.0.3 Announced, Here's What to Expect
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A surprise release for Switch at the end of last year was the long-awaited release of Siderbar. Sports Story. After several delays, the game is finally released on the Switch eShop. Unfortunately, it didn’t make the best launch with gamers and critics encountering various bugs and performance issues.

After an update via social media a few weeks ago on how a patch is on the way to fix some of these issues, Sidebar Games has now announced Version 1.0. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, so expect to see it at some point in the near future. Here’s the full rundown of what players can expect:

Sports Story – Version 1.0.3 (Not Available Yet)


Various efforts have been made regarding golf, general performance, stuttering, and various challenges. See below for more specific issues that might have trapped you. If your problem is not listed, feel free to email [email protected]

Tennis Academy

Talking to the receptionist a second time after starting the baby court quest will reset your progress but advance your quest. After downloading the patch, talk to the receptionist again to fix your quest progress.

Pressing the gong twice in a row can advance your quest progress. After downloading the patch, press the gong again to fix your progress (unless you have continued playing after this point).

A tip can be looted through the fence in the basement, meaning it won’t be there when you need it later. After downloading the patch, the hint will return whenever you need it.

The challenge on the left will now award a hole card.

A baby tennis match should be less confusing.

The impressive Kelley Gibbon

Leaving and returning causes Kelley’s challenge initiator to disappear. After downloading the patch, talk to him again for the challenge to reappear.

Return to Dark Whispers

It’s not a bug, but people got stuck on their way back to where the Captain broke the bridge when the Perpetrator showed up. To escape, go through the previous rooms and push the coffee machine from the left side.

Catching the Bees

Sometimes there weren’t enough bees entering the hive trying to catch them. People who have this problem will be able to progress by waiting for a certain period of time during the challenge.

chase the trade

If you don’t have more than $3, Chase will not accept the offered trade. This will be fixed in the patch, but you can get around this by making sure you have the cash in the meantime.

Return of the Silver Mines

Returning to the Silver Mines with a mine cart can get you stuck.

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