Slow Roads offers a cold, endless driving experience in your browser

Slow Roads offers a cold, endless driving experience in your browser
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A screenshot of Slow Roads.
expand / Slow Paths allow you to traverse endlessly dynamically generated landscapes with ease.

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A few days ago, an Edinburgh, Scotland-based developer named Anslo announced Slow Roadsis a free easy driving game with procedurally generated scenic landscapes running in a web browser. available at: and does not require login or installation to play.

Many driving video games it locks you into rules that make driving feel stressful, which is great if you’re in a competitive mood. But sometimes you just want to relax and enjoy the journey. Where is this Slow Roads comes in. You cannot crash, fail or lose in the game. The road goes on forever as you pass by the scenic landscapes. If you get off the road, press “R” to reset your vehicle’s position on the pavement. Even trails are optional: drive off-road or underwater if you want.

The game works in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge browsers.

driving controls in Slow Roads simple. Use the standard WASD keys or the arrow keys on your keyboard to start your vehicle. “W” (or up arrow) is accelerating, “S” (or down arrow) is braking. “A” and “D” (or left and right arrows) steer. You can accelerate your car by holding down the Shift key or double-tapping “W”. Additionally, “C” changes the camera angle, and “Q” and “E” toggle between current weather and lighting conditions. If keyboard controls aren’t your thing, you can switch to mouse-based routing instead.

Anslo build Slow Roads using a 3D JavaScript library called three.jsand the developer goes into detail explaining the game’s technical backend. medium postInstant endless map creation and physics processing included. It’s a pretty complex technical demo that’s also fun.

The first time you play it, it is clear that the graphics are not the object of the game. Slow Roads, and that works to his advantage. It features minimalistic visuals and sound effects in part because the game can be challenging for some machines. “The engine pushes the boundaries of what’s reasonable for a browser game,” writes Anslo. Slow Roads FAQ. “Although optimizations are constantly being added.”

if Slow Roads slow for you and make sure you have a good GPU on your machine. GPU hardware acceleration enabled in your browser. For example, in Chrome, click the ellipsis (three dots) button and open Settings. Next, click the “System” menu in the sidebar, then toggle the switch next to “Use hardware acceleration when available” to the “on” position.

Anslo considers the game essentially complete, but is soliciting donations that can fund feature additions such as improved weather effects (dry as rain), more vehicle types, and controller support. There are currently no plans for an open source release, but it has not been ruled out. Meanwhile, Anslo, Slow Roads It’s “freely available and ad-free,” according to the game’s About page. “Enjoy this as a break from fugitive capitalism.”

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