Roundup: Monster Hunter Rise: Reviews for Sunbreak

Roundup: Monster Hunter Rise: Reviews for Sunbreak
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To send June out with a bang, Capcom released today Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. This is the paid DLC for the new entry. normal yesterday Monster Hunter Rise update It is preparing for expansion.

If you’re still not sure if you should get the DLC, game demo trial, we’ve put together a summary of the reviews so far. We also have our own review on the way, so keep an eye out for that. And in case you’re wondering – here are the patch notes:

In the meantime, let’s see what the critics have to say about the next episode of Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
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start with IGNsummed it up by having some great new monsters but not many new ideas. It added eight points out of ten to the original game, but gave the DLC one point less – giving it seven out of ten:

“Sunbreak isn’t as important or surprising as Iceborne for Monster Hunter World, it lacks new ideas beyond smart AI pursuers limited to single-player hunts, and even abandons Rampage missions without really trying to fill the void left by their absence.”

on team Polygon He enjoyed the DLC, but felt he should jump straight into the new Monster content:

“While there are so many good fights in sunriseIt’s frustrating to be the victim of one of the biggest villains in AAA video games: bloat. i prefer to see sunrise Offer a shorter campaign focusing more on new monsters and give me the option to battle Master Rank versions of the original roster in my spare time. But instead, I spent the opening hours of the expansion beating familiar foes to get to the good stuff. playing like this sunrise it feels like opening an exciting gift covered with too much tape. “

computer gamer gave the computer version 89 out of 100. He thinks Rise is “better than the series has ever been”, but noted that the DLC is essentially “more than the same” and may not provide enough “new” content for some fans. :

“Monster Hunter Rise is better than this series has ever been, and Sunbreak is so much more. It’s also a lot harder, but that feels like the right call. For some fans of the series, you could probably add a 10. You could probably add a 10. Even if some of the additions are more important than they first appear, it’s also a lot harder, but that feels like the right call. It lacks the excitement and essentially serves as a convenient endgame for an already sprawling experience. So it’s less of a Sunrise than a Sunset.”

hunters twin finite He felt that “everything old is new” in the Sunbreak DLC – praising it 4.5 out of 5 and recommending it as “absolutely no-brainer” for anyone looking to dive in again:

“Today, Sunbreak represents the best of Monster Hunter Rise and recontextualizes the core gameplay by cleverly integrating old and new. It’s for the fans, not the die-hard fans returning from Rise. The changes to the Monster Hunter formula represent a new high point for the Sunbreak series. and it’s absolutely no-brainer for anyone wanting to dive in again.”

And last but not least, Mako Reactor Gave it 10 out of 10 – calling it “absolutely necessary” for current Monster Hunter Rise owners:

“Sunbreak enhances and refines Monster Hunter Rise in every way. The monsters are tougher, the music is much better, and the postgame is actually good for more than just a few hunts. The new mechanic adds even more depth for those who want to dig into each weapon. Even if Capcom hasn’t released a single game update, this will be absolutely essential for every Monster Hunter Rise owner year on year.”

Will you try this new DLC for Monster Hunter Rise? Let us know in the comments.

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