Pixel 7 Pro prototype reveals some features and new details

Pixel 7 Pro prototype reveals some features and new details
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A prototype model of the Pixel 7 Pro has been analyzed for new details about its hardware and apparently confirms some previously reported specs.

In the last few months, a small handful of pre-release prototypes Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro managed to get out into nature. Google caught most of the leaked units and bricked them by remote wiping them, preventing the full spec sheets of both phones from being discovered before their official launch this year.

The owner of such a brick prototype contacted the owners of the “Google News” group in Telegram. The group then used the limited amount of information available to them – specifically the logs created when trying to boot the phone, as well as the bootloader’s code – to reveal some additional features about the Pixel 7 Pro.

For starters, we can now get our first details on the CPU cores used by the Pixel 7’s GS201 chip. According to the post, the second-generation Tensor chip should continue to use the “4+2+2” design as seen in the first Tensor. This design has four low-end cores, two mid-range cores, and two high-power CPU cores for simple tasks. take the burden off.

No details regarding the mid and high-end cores of Tensor 2 have been discovered, but it is claimed that the Pixel 7 series’ chip will use the same Cortex A55 cores for low-end tasks. The group mentions a line in the boot logs indicating that a workaround has been implemented that is only used for Cortex A55 core chips.

Other newly revealed details include that the Pixel 7 Pro should be equipped with a Cirrus Logic. CS40L26 chip for haptic, a newer generation What’s on the Pixel 6 Pro. Meanwhile, where last year’s phone has STMicroelectronics ST54K NFC hardware, including UWB connectivity, the logs point to simpler hardware, ST21NFCwhich UWB does not. UWB is likely to be handled by a different component.

This final round of reviews on the Pixel 7 Pro prototype was able to corroborate our findings about the codenames of Google Pixel devices in development, including the following. Ravenclaw and felixhowever, there was reportedly no trace of the codename “Lynx”.

Finally, the group claims that the Pixel 7 Pro prototype’s specs show the Samsung S6E3HC4 display panel, which is a generation newer than the display on the Pixel 6 Pro. Our previous report on the subject The screens used in the Pixel 7 series It showed that Google is preparing to use this new screen or continue using last year’s screen.

This fall, retail models of the Pixel 7 Pro will receive at least one upgrade, no matter what display. As spotted by Dylan Raga (via Meshal Rahman), code It includes a higher maximum brightness of 1000 nits in high brightness mode for both potential Pixel 7 Pro displays, compared to the 800 on last year’s phone.

Overall, while these specs are pretty interesting for enthusiasts, they don’t tell us much about how the Pixel 7 Pro will perform in the real world. Additionally, since the device under analysis is still technically a prototype, there is potential for some of these minor details to change before launch, regardless of how far it may seem.

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