Perfect for passive use of technology

Perfect for passive use of technology
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One of the balances I am trying to achieve in 2023 is to use technology more efficiently. I’d love to know what’s going on in the world in news, sports and finance, but a iPhone little. I want technology that works passively, and that’s one reason why I’m excited to have it. information On my desk for the new year.

Tidbyt is a retro-style display that lets you keep track of what you’re interested in with short snippets of text. You can add financial quotes, your calendar, Spotify plays, sports scores, the latest news and more. I first learned about this last year and I’m excited that it will become a permanent part of my lifestyle in 2023.

Why is Tidbyt the ideal work from home accessory?

information It’s a retro-style display that lets you keep track of the things you care about. Displays short updates from the streams you follow, in a telegram or retro format. As someone who works from home, I find it an ideal accessory to help me stay aware of the world around me without looking at a device all day long.

Tidbyt’s original idea was to make a device that simplifies your morning routines. What time is it? How’s the weather? When does the next subway leave? Having to repeatedly reach for an iPhone to answer these questions was cumbersome and distracting, so the team aimed to create something that facilitated access to information without distracting you.

The video is extremely well made and really highlights some of the benefits of Tidbyt. You can access all the information in the world while sitting at your desk or watching TV without having to look at your iPhone.

It’s been on my desk for a few weeks and has become one of my favorite tech items I’ve used for a long time. It works at a glance, keeps me up to date, and isn’t meant to be a distraction.

Installing Tidbyt

setup information It takes about five minutes and is similar to installing a new HomeKit device. You’ll plug it in using the included USB-C card and adapter, open the Tidbyt app, and then it’ll find it over Bluetooth. You will go through the process of creating an account and then you can start choosing your “apps”.

What kind of information can Tidbyt show?


Tidbyt has wealth prebuilt apps can view immediately. Some of my favourites:

  • bitcoin price
  • When will Georgia football be played?
  • How is the weather outside?
  • Current date/time
  • Bible verse of the day
  • sunrise sunset
  • google calendar
  • Twitter feed

These are just a few of the apps I use with Tidbyt, but there are countless more. Some popular ones:

  • Google Calendar
  • todoist
  • subway schedule
  • Costco gas prices
  • NFL scores
  • MLB points
  • Twitter feed
  • Random advice

Check it all presst to see the possibilities. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can also build your own with Tidbyt’s API. You can create a custom app for a feed in your office that includes detailed project statistics, sales figures, or anything else you can think of.



Tidbyt displays all the information you want and need in one place, in a wooden enclosure with a matrix of bright LED lights. You can choose from a catalog of pre-built apps like weather, stock, metro times, bitcoin price, calendars and more, or you can create your own script on its open platform with just a few lines of code. You set it up once with your phone and it stays up to date over its own Wi-Fi connection.

Tidbyt is a simple way to stay informed without all the distractions of social media apps. You can use it to see what’s going on in your world and to keep track of what’s important to you. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves technology but needs to use it a little less, Tidbyt makes the perfect gift for Christmas. An excellent way to get the latest information without having to constantly look at a smartphone. It would be great for living room, bedroom (including night mode, kitchen or office). No subscription required to access all data, one-time use $179and can be purchased directly from:

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