Nintendo Bans Splatoon 3 Cheaters Before The Game Is Out

Nintendo Bans Splatoon 3 Cheaters Before The Game Is Out
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An Inkling in Splatoon 3 summons an item, but that item is a Super Smash Bros.  replaced with.  hammer.

Nintendo is calling the almighty ban hammer.
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platoon 3 Fans were pleasantly surprised when Nintendo held a special show this past weekend. warning festival The event before the game’s official release. This gave people the chance to download and play a demo of the color shooter before its September 9 release date. However, gamers brave enough to “go around and find out” have certainly learned, as Nintendo’s anti-cheat system now appears to be banning Switch consoles from Splatfest players trying to move forward by changing the game.

According to Nintendo Switch data miner OatmealDome, the game’s anti-cheat system was actually active over the weekend. this platoon 3: Splatfest World PremiereHeld August 27-28, it offered three teams to choose from, Rock, Paper, or Scissors, as well as a variety of gear and weapons to experiment with. While we’re all collectively waiting for the game’s official launch in a few weeks, you’d think that would be enough to entice people. But some still went out of bounds by downloading and using and user-made patches bypassing the tutorial and providing early access to it platoon 3‘s testing range is a kind of app lobby of the game. The patch worked, but players who used it soon began to find their Switch was banned.

It’s unclear whether these bans constitute a complete ban from the Nintendo Switch Online service – OatmealDome now suggests that the ban may only prevent affected players from playing further. platoon 3 on consoles – but it certainly doesn’t look like something you’d want to test.

“I wasn’t completely surprised when I saw reports on Twitter that people were banned because of this patch,” OatmealDome said. Kotaku Via Twitter DMs. “Patching the game’s code [also] let you be banned platoon 2.

“Nintendo is taking cheating seriously this time around,” they said. “[whereas] platoon and [Splatoon] 2 Both were completely unprotected when launched.”

However, they note that there was “a group of high-profile incidents” that affected. platoon 2 It made Nintendo more serious. “This ice platoon 2 A pretty good anti-cheat solution has been implemented and it seems pretty effective so far,” he said. “Nintendo wants to continue this platoon 3

Kotaku reached out to Nintendo for comment.

we I learned a lot about platoon 3 Thanks to the 30-minute Direct Nintendo on August 10. Alongside the return of fan-favorite scenes like Hammerhead Bridge, the colorful shooter will let the keg drop ink, still reject in-game voice chat and includes a ton of new weapons I’m pretty nervous for this game. platoon 3 It’s coming out September 9th exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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