Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion Title Update 4 releases on February 7

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion Title Update 4 releases on February 7
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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunlight expansion Title Update 4 will launch on February 7th, Capcom was announced.

You can find an overview of the update here. official website:

Free Header Update 4 (Version 14)

  • New Monsters
    • Velkhana – Very few records exist of Velkhana, known as the “Ice Dragons That Freeze Everything” or the “Iceborne Wyvern”. Therefore, they remain shrouded in mystery. Their icy breath is so cold that it can suddenly form massive walls of ice and towers, and is even powerful enough to freeze other monsters. Some reports indicate that Velkhana will freeze opponents to establish their own domains.
    • rose crimeson of Glow Valstrax – Risen Crimson Glow Valstrax are old dragons who have found a way to overcome their troubles. By suppressing the Qurio virus, they gained great strength and new abilities. The abundance of dragon energy gave them greater agility and even more devastating explosive powers. Few will be able to withstand his savage attacks. When their anger reaches its peak, they will enter their Ascended state and their bodies will begin to glow.
  • Anomaly Research dutywith – Encounter new challenges and rewards in Anomaly Research Missions, including:
    • New monsters including Risen Crimson Glow Valstrax.
    • A8 ★ missions
    • Anomaly Research.ns to Lv. 220.
    • New Features for Curious Crafting, including unlocked weapons to produce Limits and new items in the Anomaly Research Lab.
    • Read more about Anomaly Research Tasks the game.
  • Event Quests – Complete Event Missions to earn special rewards! Read more about Event Quests the game.
  • Paid Downloadable Content – Added various downloadable content including layered armor sets!
    • Monster Hunter Rise Downloadable Content Pack 9
    • “Special Sticker 13” Sticker Set
    • “Model Walk” Gesture Set
    • Musical Pose Set
    • “Jae Cut” Hairstyle
    • “Elegant” Hairstyle
    • “Paliko” Makeup
    • “Cohoot” Face Paint
    • “Lance Gunn” Hunter Layered Armor Set
    • “Ran Page” Hunter Layered Armor Set
    • “Minoto” Hunter Layered Armor Set
    • “Kit T.” Palico Layered Armor Set
    • Navel R. Palamute Layered Armor Set
    • Hunter Voice: Minayle
    • Hunter Voice: Tadori
    • “Monster and Stage Music: Chiptune Version” Background Music

“Velkhana Costume” Palamute Layered Armor Set Gift Campaign

To celebrate the release of the fourth free game update, we’re giving away an early set of Palamute Tiered Armor! Read on for all the details of the offer and how to enter it. Please read the campaign overview, terms and conditions, and privacy policy below before logging in. Admission is free: only one Capcom ID!

The “Velkhana Costume” Palamute Layered Armor allows your Palamute to dress like Velkhana, the Elder Dragon that came to you. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunset in the fourth free title update.

  • Entry Period: Wednesday, February 1 (17:00 PST)
    Sunday, February 5 (20:00 PST) until 2023

read more the game.

Free Title Updates Roadmap

  • April 2023 – Free Title Update 5 (Version 15), including a returning Elder Dragon and empowered beast.

And here are more details via Capcom:

A cold force of nature that few scientists have ever seen is heading towards the Frost Islands. The elusive Ancient Dragon Velkhana, who debuted as Earth’s flagship beast. monster hunter World: Icebornewas spotted by the scouts of the Elgado Outpost. The graceful cold demeanor of this beast heralds the serene stillness of many beings frozen behind it. Velkhana has the ability to glaciate ambient water in the air, creating massive columns of ice when engaged in battle, and can freeze even the fiercest predators to solid state. Winter winds often bring tides, and the arrival of the Risen Crimson Glow Valstrax proves this adage true. What this Risen Elder Dragon is capable of remains a mystery as it is too dangerous to study. Hunters committed to collecting more data for relentlessly probing science teams may encounter Velkhana from MR 10 and Risen Crimson Glow Valstrax from MR 160. Skills.

With Afflicted Chaotic Gore Magala joining A8★ Quests and increasing the Anomaly Investigation cap to 220, Qurio-curious’s new Anomaly Investigation will also be at their fingertips. Ancient Dragons will appear from difficulty level 111, so be prepared for a fight! Event Missions will continue to arrive each week, including an Arena Quest alongside two new Dual Threat missions featuring Seething Bazelgeuse and Chaotic Gore Magala. FurryRajang and InsultEd Magnamalo. Each Event Quest has its own unique reward, so be sure to try them out.

Free Title Update 4 also brings a variety of new paid DLCs, including tiered armor for rookie hunter Lance Gunn and the venerable Ran Page. Hand-drawn by the underrated talent Minoto, these cute doodles have been prominent since their release. Monster Hunter Rise and help new hunters understand the details of Kamura Village. Speaking of Minoto, players can purchase the “Minoto” layered armor set, along with new moves, poses, stickers, music and hunter sounds. To celebrate the release of the free Title Update 4, players can sign up for early access to a free Palamute tiered armor that lets their furry friends take on the Elder Dragon Velkhana skin! Please visit the official monster hunter For more information on signing up using a Capcom ID, see the website.

This Monster Hunter Rise: Sunset expansion is now available To change and computer over Steamand it’s coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this spring.

Watch a new series trailer below. View a new set of screenshots in the gallery.

Free Title Update 4 Trailer



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