Manish Sisodia Claims He Was Pressured To Quit AAP, CBI Responds

Manish Sisodia Claims He Was Pressured To Quit AAP, CBI Responds
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New Delhi:

Delhi’s Deputy Prime Minister, Manish Sisodia, made a startling claim today after a nine-hour interrogation session by the Central Bureau of Investigation. Mr Sisodia told reporters that officials who wanted to question him about the controversial liquor policy of the Delhi government wanted him to leave the ruling Aam Aadmi Party. They even threatened that his case could go like that of Delhi Minister Satyendar Jain, who has been in jail since May after being charged in a money laundering case. “They will make you Prime Minister,” the authorities said. The agency promptly issued a denial.

“The CBI strongly denies these allegations and reiterates that the examination of Shri Sisodia was strictly conducted in a professional and lawful manner as per the allegations against her in the FIR. The investigation of the case will continue according to the law.” Shortly after Mr. Sisodia’s allegations made headlines.

Going back to the CBI’s statement, Mr. Sisodia said, “If CBI officers had issued a press release saying that ‘Operation Lotus’ was being done, then people would have been surprised. Their focus was not on consumption policy…it’s all made up. stories.”

Sisodia, who arrived home after the marathon interrogation that started at noon, told reporters, “There was talk of a cover-up policy, but I was pressured to give up. ‘These cases will continue like this. They will make you prime minister,'” he said.

“I told them I was delighted when a rickshaw’s son joined IIT,” he said. “Today I realized that the CBI is not investigating any fraud… the lawsuit brought against me was simply to make Operation Lotus successful,” he added.

The AAP claimed that the BJP was trying to launch an “Operation Lotus” in Delhi and Punjab – trying to overthrow an opposition government by hunting down their MLA. In Delhi, the party even submitted a resolution against it in parliament last month.

Sources said Mr Sisodia was questioned over alleged involvement of liquor companies in framing liquor policy. The agency also had questions about allegations that liquor companies made 12 percent profits in the process and that 6 percent was diverted to public officials through intermediaries such as Hyderabad-based businessman Abhishek Bonipally.

Other big questions concerned irregularities in the policy’s introduction, such as alleged damage to the state in the process and the approval of the cabinet after the new rules were applied.

The agency, which assisted the AAP in preparation for Mr. Sisodia’s arrest, did not invite him for a second session.

Mr Sisodia’s home was subject to multiple searches by the CBI in August after Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena continued the investigation. The Deputy Prime Minister is the lead defendant in the case involving allegations that political leaders were bribed by private actors in exchange for liquor store licenses.

The AAP has announced that Mr Sisodia will now be arrested in what the BJP calls “political vendetta”.

The AAP alleges that the BJP is “fearing” the outcome of the parliamentary elections in Gujarat and wants to stop key leaders from campaigning in the state.

Party chairman and Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal claimed that the BJP plans to keep Mr. Sisodia in jail until after the Gujarat elections. But no prison can keep his aides in, he added. “Prison locks will be broken, Manish Sisodia will be free,” he tweeted in Hindi.

Earlier today, several AAP leaders, including MP Sanjay Singh, were detained after holding a massive protest against the questioning of Manish Sisodia. About 100 leaders and workers from outside the CBI office were detained.

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