Koreans abandon Galaxy phones for iPhones over gaming controversy

Koreans abandon Galaxy phones for iPhones over gaming controversy
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Last updated: October 8, 2022, 17:43 UTC+02:00

Samsung has a solid and loyal customer base in its home country of South Korea. Citizens rightly consider it a matter of pride to support this domestic giant, as it is the country’s largest conglomerate and one of the world’s most innovative companies.

However, this still doesn’t give Samsung a chance to get over their customers quickly. A rather interesting video from South Korea shows that the whole GOS controversy that broke out earlier this year has caused many people to switch from a Galaxy device to iPhones.

GOS division caused customers to abandon Galaxy phones for iPhone

First, a refresher on the whole discussion. Samsung’s appeared in March this year. Turn down 10,000+ apps and games on their device through a software called Game Optimization Service. What GOS does is to throttle GPU and CPU performance when it detects that any of the apps or games in the list are running.

The list conveniently left out benchmark apps, meaning Samsung phones will post high performance scores that don’t represent real-world performance. This way Geekbanch bans Samsung Phones with GOS.

Samsung claimed that the main purpose of GOS is: to prevent the device from overheating. when performance-intensive apps and games are used for extended periods of time. Later released a fix Added a button to the Game Booster app this allowed GOS to prioritize maximum performance for all apps and games.

A Korean YouTuber took to the streets in Seoul to ask citizens about the phone they use and whether they would prefer a Galaxy phone over an iPhone. The video also pointed out that the rate of people who have recently switched from Galaxy device to iPhone in their 40s has increased by double digits.

The trend, which raises the device status of the iPhone in the rest of the world, seems to have reached South Korea as well. One person says they’re impressed by memes that say you’re less cool if you’re using a Samsung phone compared to an iPhone. Another preferred the iPhone’s camera features more.

In fact, someone who went to the Apple store highlighted the GOS controversy as the reason they switched from a Galaxy device to an iPhone. Since young South Koreans are largely avid mobile gamers, it’s understandable that the whole division didn’t sit well with them and undermined their trust in Samsung.

It doesn’t matter that Samsung finally offers a fix that should have been from the very beginning. But when what GOS did came to light and significant criticism came in, the company finally decided that it would allow customers to experience the full power of the devices they purchased.

While it’s hard to say for sure how many customers Samsung lost as a result of this discussion, that doesn’t mean the end of its dominance in South Korea. Samsung’s ecosystem is solid in its home country. Its relationships and partnerships with carriers and retailers ensure that the iPhone continues to thrive even in the face of growing popularity.

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