Joshua Tree’s Famous ‘Invisible House’ Launches for $18M – Robb Report

Joshua Tree's Famous 'Invisible House' Launches for $18M - Robb Report
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From afar, you may think your eyes are playing tricks on you. But look closely and you’ll discover one of architecture’s greatest optical illusions: The Invisible House.

Located in the middle of Mojave sweetnow famous Joshua Tree The residence derives its name from its reflective glass exterior that reflects the rocky landscape. Depending on the angle, the time of day, or even the weather, the minimalist structure seems to get lost among the rugged surroundings of the national park. Over the years, Invisible House has made multiple TV cameos, served as a filming location for ad campaigns, and caught the attention of freshmen. Still, the modernist abode’s biggest claim to fame is that its owners are independent filmmakers Chris and Roberta Hanley. american psychopath. And now mirrored house it could be yours – for $18 million.

Invisible House

The famous Invisible House in Joshua Tree is selling for $18 million.

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The couple, who bought the land in the early 2000s, had already built a summer house on the 70-acre plot, but learned a few years later that its size did not comply with local regulations. This led Chris to begin drawing plans for a new desert residence; 2001: A Space Odyssey movie and reminiscent New York City skyscraper, reported This The Wall Street Gazette. “I just drew a rectangle on paper and said, ‘Okay, we’re going to build this,'” he told the publication. “I just thought it might be something monolithic, reflective, ultra-minimal.”

in collaboration with legend Los Angeles architect Tomas Osinski, Chris completed the house in 2019. However, it took six years for the two to finish the project. A portion of the property, measuring approximately 225 feet, protrudes from the ground using concrete columns, preventing the area from disturbing the giant rocks. Due to the harsh temperatures of the site, the facade is covered with heat-reflecting Solarcool glass, which also gives the exterior a mirror-like appearance. It also filters ultraviolet rays and infrared frequencies. Chris told WSJ The glass took a full year to be delivered and cost him about $700,000. Sustainability was, of course, the most important issue during the construction process, so you will find that the residence is equipped with an eco-friendly foam roof. Additionally, the Invisible House uses a solar power system to generate electricity and hot water.

Invisible House

The house has a 100-metre solar-heated swimming pool that runs through the living room.

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The aesthetic here is strictly minimal. Consider the concrete flooring, a few pieces of light-colored furniture and little else to keep you away from those stunning desert landscapes. In total, the span is 5,500 square feet and features three en-suite bedrooms, a kitchen, and a dining area. If you want to cool off from the intense heat of the area, at the heart of the living room is a 30-metre indoor pool that can be heated when the temperature drops. In another standout item, the glass walls can actually open out from three sides.

In the master bedroom, meanwhile, you’ll find a bed that sits on a 2,500-pound glass frame. For Chris, getting him in was no easy task; It took two days and five workers. Fortunately, all furniture is included in the sale.

AKG | Christie’s International Real Estate in a press release. “This architectural triumph in the middle of the desert, brought to life by a visionary filmmaker and a Frank Gehry collaborator, provides uniquely abstract things that can only be experienced on the property itself.”

Invisible House

Primary bedroom features a 2,500-pound glass bed

Brian Ashby

Since its inception, Invisible House has hosted celebrities such as Demi Lovato and Diplo. rented the residence For an off-grid getaway. He also appeared in season 2. The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals appeared on Netflix and Bling Empire. Now, if you’re willing to commit to living in the desert, rather than just spending the weekend or fainting at this one-of-a-kind abode from afar, you can truly live there full time.

Aaron Kirman and Matt Adamo of AKG | Christie’s International Real Estate holds the list together.

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