Hacked verified Twitter accounts keep spamming Elon Musk

Hacked verified Twitter accounts continue to spam Elon Musk
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Although she searched Twitter for her appearance lack of interest in doing something About bots, Elon Musk continues to be spammed by hacked verified accounts and unverified accounts sharing links to crypto scams.

Elon Musk sharing an update on Tesla Latest version of FSD Beta, his account has been heavily spammed by crypto scam accounts in a bot-like fashion. Most of these accounts are actually bots, but some are verified Twitter accounts that have been hacked.

Just five days ago, Elon compared Twitter’s efforts to send subpoenas to efforts to remove bots and spam. While critics swore that Elon tried to pull out of the Twitter deal for various non-issue reasons, he was actually consistent with his reason. Twitter has a bot problem and I don’t think they care.

Twitter user @cb_doge, who shared the screenshot in the tweet above, pointed He said that advertisers are paying for bots to advertise and Twitter isn’t willing to fix the problem. According to SingleGrainTwitter’s average cost per million is about $3.50 compared to Facebook’s $0.59.

He said that with Facebook you have to spend more money to get the same type of engagement and click-through rate as Twitter. The problem is that if these are bots that do click-through rates and visit websites from Twitter ads, that’s not a good thing. Actually a waste of money.

According to an old view FBI special agent and now Head of Global Intelligence at F5 Dan WoodsMore than 80% of Twitter accounts are bots. This is not good for advertisers, especially small businesses.

Advertisers want their target market to be reached. That’s the whole point of advertising. If I’m posting an ad for my jewelry, I don’t want my money being spent on bots that click the link. Bots won’t buy from me.

I think you have a better chance of gaining visibility for your website on TikTok than paying for ads, especially if the social network is full of bots. Personally, I prefer TikTok instead of Facebook and Instagram in terms of advertising and I have never used Twitter.

Maybe the reason Twitter doesn’t want to fix the bot and spam problem is because it makes money from ads. This statement is just my theory but it makes sense. Twitter can easily prove me wrong by solving the bot and crypto scam problem. I’ll be happy with that.

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Hacked verified Twitter accounts keep spamming Elon Musk

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