Gotham Knights’ Biggest Spoiler May Have Leaked, WB Fights Back

Gotham Knights' Biggest Spoiler May Have Leaked, WB Fights Back
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Promotional art shows Gotham Knights heroes walking down a rainy street.

picture: Warner Bros. Games

Less than two weeks before its launch, Gotham Knights fans being asked to avoid online spoilers after a seemingly major leak. Some official artbooks for the game appear to have been posted early, and at least one player has started posting screenshots of the game’s alleged ending on Reddit. At least one developer behind the comic has since reacted with disappointment on social media.

“I don’t understand why a person would ruin a story (whether it’s a game, a movie, a book, whatever) for someone else.” tweeted out Fleur Marty, the game’s Warner Bros. executive producer of the company. Games Montreal launches October 7 in Multiplayer co-op and Satan– like skill trees and lootsolid Recently previews for Gotham Knights He identified solving the mystery at the center of his narrative as another major focus. Now that the official artbook appears beyond schedule, leakers are starting to debunk some of these storylines online.

Spoiler Alert: Below we will discuss one of the most obvious-seeming disclosures. I’m not sure why you click on an article if you don’t want to be spoiled. Gotham Knights Spoilers But definitely don’t continue reading beyond this point.

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for setup Gotham Knights Batman is killed in a terrorist explosion and his family of surrogates, including Nightwing, Jason Todd, Robin and Batgirl, are tasked with trying to regain control of the city that is currently under siege by the Court of Owls. Bruce Wayne’s death was ridiculed in trailers and discussed early on. Creative director Patrick Redding even doubled down on that plot point at San Diego Comic Con 2022, tell a fan The person who says yes during a Q&A is Batman Really was dead.

But the apparent art book reveals that this is not necessarily the case. Screenshots of the two pages that bring the tours online reveal that Bruce was at one point resurrected by Talia al Ghul using the Lazarus Pit. Are you surprised? I know, I vote. The artbook goes on to detail an obvious boss fight with Batman, where the player must evade nonstop attacks while also using speech commands to bring a crazy caped crusader to their senses.

It is not entirely clear what will happen next and there already a fan dispute. One interpretation is that Batman dies once again while trying to protect his surrogate family from Talia. Another is that it survives and allows for some interesting possibilities in endgame and post-launch updates. However, it is worth noting that. Gotham Knights not officially part of Batman: Arkham Universe. This continuity will re-emerge in the 2023s. Suicide Squad. Theoretically, WB Montreal can do whatever it wants with Batman in it. Gotham Knights timeline.

A huge potential spoiler for the game, it’s understandable why the developers would be disappointed to see their work leak out of context before the full game’s release. As a longtime Batman fan and having played the entire game Arkham trilogies plus WB Montreal’s Arkham OriginsIt’s no surprise that Batman actually appears in the game at some point. WB has Batman games a history like thisand beloved comic book heroes never stay dead for long. Especially since Batman was once exposed to an omega ray by Darkseid, his consciousness advanced through time and space.

By the way, one of the users who posted the artbook screenshots on his website Gotham Knights subdirectory has since bombarded their accounts. The subreddit also banned all additional spoiler posts, requiring users to convert them into a single thread. WB also seems to have been successful in getting at least a few of the major YouTube videos initially discussing the leaks. Gotham Knights it was originally supposed to be released on October 25, but in an unusual move actually raised the release date a week early. Everyone will now have a chance to see what really happened to Batman on October 21st.

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