Food Enthusiasts Outraged As Popular Pasta Brand Stops Its Little Star-Shaped Comfort Food Pastina

Food Enthusiasts Outraged As Popular Pasta Brand Stops Its Little Star-Shaped Comfort Food Pastina
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“This is #RonzoniGate.”

Ronzoni is under fire for dropping one of his most popular. paste the shapes: Noodle.

Small star-shaped pasta known to many stale between dinner Often referred to as “Italian penicillin,” the dish will no longer be produced by the home pasta maker.

In the official statement shared on both platforms, “We are listening to you and we appreciate your love for Ronzoni Pastina. We regret to announce that Ronzoni Pastina has been discontinued after long efforts.” instagram and twitter “This was not an easy decision to make,” the company said.

The brand announced that its “long-term supplier” has informed Ronzoni representatives that as of 2018, it will no longer manufacture the tiny star-shaped pasta. January 2023.

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“We searched extensively for an alternative solution, but were unable to identify a viable option to make Pastina in the same beloved mini shapes, sizes and standards you expect from Ronzoni,” the statement said. “As a result, we had to make this difficult decision to stop this product.”

The statement ended with a few words of hope, “Your passion for Ronzoni feeds our passion to present it for you. We have not given up, but from today we cannot offer Ronzoni Pastina to our customers. Thank you for your attention. Understanding and trust in Ronzoni pasta.”

Despite Ronzoni’s hints that the discontinued product might eventually make its way back to store shelves, fans are quite upset about their current loss.

A heartbroken Instagram user is too upset to eat his lost box and jokes: “I put my last box in a glass box and frame it in my living room.”

“You’re boycotting all Ronzoni products until we bring back the pastina,” one very disgruntled customer tweeted, adding, “By leaving this product, you’re killing our childhoods and the memories of our Italian grandmothers.”

“Big mistake, BIG” declared another.

“Every #ItalianAmerican should boycott @ronzonipasta for treacherous ending #noodle – Italian penicillin,” one more tweet.

A few even vomited in the comments all their frustration with the recent changes to the company’s pasta, letting their anger at Ronzoni overflow.

“To listen, @ronzonipasta. You haven’t tweeted for 3 years and then you’re posting this on everyone? What’s wrong with the smaller Rigatoni No.? 27? Discontinued Fusilli? Where are Tubettini and Alphabets? Do you know about #PastaWars? Look for your excuses elsewhere. This is #RonzoniGate,” another shared, along with some reference photos of the pasta in question.

“First they cancel Tubettini…….now they cancel Pastina…” someone else mocked.

But others have increased their loyalty to other pasta brands that still supply the famous mini pasta.

“My mom is always glad I bought Barilla, a pasta company that Italian American moms can trust when their kids get sick at home from school,” one tweeted. the user mocked.

The passive aggression continued, and another tweeted: “If you can’t deliver the cake when we want it, we’re going to Barilla, Ronzoni. Doesn’t it continue?! Really disappointing…..@BarillaUS @barillagroup thank you, Barilla!!!! I’ll find it and order it because I’m in the deep South and it’s not common here,” said Barilla. “We appreciate your loyalty to us!”

And then there was Humor– including likes sopranosRonzoni’s contest, This Golden Girls and more – you can check it out below!

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