Epic Games Employee Exposed to Leak Fortnite Updates, Disable Creator Codes, and More

Epic Games Employee Exposed to Leak Fortnite Updates, Disable Creator Codes, and More
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A YouTube channel called ‘Epic Corruption’ has revealed that a Russian Epic Games employee has leaked Fortnite updates, disabled Creator Codes, sold exclusive cosmetics, disclosed creator payouts, and more.

The video claims that Epic Games Employee Alexey Gromsky, known online as Loud Noise, has been sharing information about upcoming Fortnite updates with a number of top Russian creators since he started working on the game in 2018. The video itself shows a screenshot. Fortnite version 18.00 download screen, one month before its official release, three weeks before Mike Lowrey Outfit was announced, and Chapter 3 Season 2 gameplay before launch. All this leaked information and more was allegedly sent to the Russian group of creators by Gromsky himself.

Fortnite version 18.00 download screen (left) and leaked Mike Lowrey Outfit [Images via Epic Corruption on YouTube]
Playtest footage of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 [Image via Epic Corruption on YouTube]

The video, which is no longer available due to Epic Games’ copyright strike, claims that all creators who share their “criticism of the game’s update or Alexey’s work” will be “the number one target”, i.e. Supporting Creators. codes are disabled. Gromsky will allegedly disable Generator Codes just a day before the next payment is due to “troll creators”.

Image via Epic Corruption on YouTube

According to the video, Gromsky often asked for money from Russian creators (people with whom he shared information): “I help you, support you and prevent your tags from being removed. Share the leaks with you so I don’t mind some financial assistance”. Apparently this money was used for a vacation that Gromsky went on with Russian content creators.

In the summer of 2021, Streamlabs hosted an event by sending redeemable codes to Fortnite creators so they could be given to viewers. When Gromsky learned of this, he told his Russian creative friends to give him the codes so he could sell them on the black market. Two years ago, in November 2019, the employee allegedly used Epic’s own tools to generate codes for the Merry Mint Pickaxe so it could be sold for full profit.

Image via Epic Corruption on YouTube

In October last year, Gromsky’s working contract with Epic Games was extended, and he “started actively pushing his friends”, according to the video. [the Russian content creators] Following that, Gromsky leaked January 2022 payouts from top Creative mapmakers to motivate his friends. He was then able to push his friend’s maps using the Epic Games developer tools. The front page of in-game Discovery, seen by millions of players daily. Gromsky’s friends’ maps are also featured on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter via posts from their official Fortnite accounts. Employee also has developer tools to copy entire islands from successful map creators for friends to copy. The video claims that one of the Russian creators used three different Epic Games accounts (all with their own Creator Code) to publish different maps. Gromsky then promotes it using these maps. Fortnite’s official social media avoids any doubt, thanks to the different names used on each account, and generates Support for the Creator money in the process.

Image via Epic Corruption on YouTube
Image via Epic Corruption on YouTube

Due to sensitive information contained in Epic Corruption’s YouTube video, we cannot share it here.

Epic Games released the following: Declarationconfirming that an investigation has been launched into the allegations:

“While we are actively investigating these allegations, we have blocked this contractor from accessing Epic’s systems. The video was removed because it contained sensitive personal information about the creators in the Fortnite community.”

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