Elden Ring Is The Most Completed and Most Released Game Of 2022

Elden Ring Is The Most Completed and Most Released Game Of 2022
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2022 in real terms Hand RingFromSoftware’s latest game has exploded into the mainstream like nothing it has created before. As such, many people played and finished it. Hand Ring. In fact, according to a dataset, Hand Ring It was the most completed game of 2022. But funny enough, the same source also indicates that players are more likely to leave the game before it reaches the end.

if you have read kotaku (or any other gaming site) in 2022, you’re probably already familiar with. Hand Ring, latest game coming dark souls FromSoftware creators. and like dark souls and transmitted through blood, Hand Ring It’s a tough-as-nails action-RPG with an intense focus on mystery, world building and boss fights. However, this time around FromSoftware added a real open world popular”spiritslike” formula. Conclusion? One of the most acclaimed, best-selling games of 2022. The open world in particular made many people try it Hand Ring For the first time, it lets players avoid more difficult areas until later, seemingly making it easier to finish than past FromSoftware adventures. Looks like the design choice paid off.

According to data from, Hand Ring It is the most completed game of 2022, and nearly 6,000 users of the site have reported playing and finishing the massive open-world RPG. When you look at the second games on the list, this is an impressive number. Vagabondthat cute futuristic cat game, completed by approximately 4,000 users. Meanwhile, Game Freak and Nintendo’s Switch hit took third place with 2,500 completions. Pokemon Legends: Arceus. To see such a big and challenging game at the top of the list is both Hand Ring very good and also a hint about the type of audience that primarily uses it

A screenshot of HowLongToBeat's 2022 statistics showing Elden Ring at the top of the two lists.

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But perhaps more interestingly, Hand Ring it is also the most “retired” game. When users “retire” from a game on, it means they are giving up the game, either permanently or temporarily. Now, although only 261 players have officially retired Hand Ring On the site, that’s more than double that of any game in 2022. Even if the dataset is a bit small and weird (how many people log into this site to admit defeat?), it’s still an interesting data point.

All of this makes sense to me. Hand Ring It was the most talked about game of 2022, and given that so many people are playing it, it makes sense for a large portion of it to give up on the game. Other data seem to suggest half of the players Hand Ring it never came to an end. That’s why I buy it Hand Ring While it may be the most completed game of 2022 also to be the game that most people give up on.

Some other interesting 2022 data from the site: It seems Hand Ring It is also the most pending, the most reviewed, and the longest game of 2022. But Naughty Dog’s The Last Part 1 it is the most positively rated game and Diablo Immortal is the worst studied.

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