Dungeons & Dragons New OGL Will Be “Unacceptable” Creative Commons License

Dungeons & Dragons New OGL Will Be "Unacceptable" Creative Commons License
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Dungeons & dragons New OGL, 'Irreversible' Creative Commons License

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Dungeons and Dragons published statement today the future of the open gaming license, general creative. “It’s a nonprofit dedicated to sharing knowledge and has developed a set of licenses to allow creators to do so,” says Creative Commons’ Executive Producer, Kyle Brink, in the latest update. Dungeons and Dragons.

This decision is a direct response many of the fears society has afterwards io9 reported In the first draft of OGL 1.1 on January 5th. The CC license will leave a lot of power to the nonprofit that manages the license, which means Dungeons & Dragons and Wizards of the Coast cannot and will not touch it. cancel—a major pressure point for creators using the original OGL 1.0 and worried about the consequences of the 30-day termination clause OGL 1.1.

In addition, the statement said, “No copyright payment, financial reporting, license restitution, registration, commercial and non-commercial distinction will be made.” All these points were challenged in OGL 1.1 because they were absent in OGL 1.0, and such “banded” conventions are deliberately against the “open” game ethic. Open Gaming Foundation Web site.

There are several points of disagreement from OGL 1.1 that will continue in the new OGL called OGL 1.2. The biggest thing many creators were worried about was the deauthorization of OGL 1.0a. This is still in progress, but Brink says moving forward with CC licensing is the company’s attempt to address these concerns, and they specifically point out that not all legacy content will be affected by OGL 1.2. “One of the main reasons we’re deauthorizing it: If someone can choose to post harmful, discriminatory or illegal content under 1.0a, we can’t use the protective options in 1.2.”

Dungeons & Dragons seems determined to take a firm stance on the bigoted and hateful content that people are praising in the leaked sketch. The statement states, “If you add (or engage in) harmful, discriminatory or illegal content, we may terminate your OGL 1.2 license to our content.” While this is a well-meaning and necessary policy in theory, the reality is that this will require moderation and care from Wizards of the Coast. Next sorcerers inclusion and public treatment hadozeeWe’ll see if D&D has the ability to moderate such content in a way that is respectful, inclusive and progressive. But the idea is a good one.

Additionally, Brink states that “what [Dungeons & Dragons] is is Going here is to give well-meaning creators the same level of freedom (or more for things on Creative Commons) to create TTRPG content that’s great for everyone, while giving us the tools to keep the game going more than ever. inclusive and welcoming.” A commitment to create an irrevocable license under the Creative Commons foundation seems like a good step towards making that happen, and it wasn’t going to happen.ed if Dungeons and Dragons creators, influencers, fans and third-party streamers come together universally recommended OGL 1.1.

New OGL 1.2 license will be of the same type feedback and revision To which the Dungeons & Dragons books are subject. In game terms, it’s called a playtest, and it’s a way to address fans’ concerns. Dungeons and Dragons directly.

you can view all recommended OGL 1.2 here.

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