Days Gone Director Blames ‘Awakens Critics’ for Mid-Range

Days Gone Director Blames 'Awakens Critics' for Mid-Range
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An image of the hero Deacon St.  John is fighting a bear in Days Gone with a stick in his hand.

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we are talking about Days Are Gone again three years later the open world zombie survival game is out. You might remember the one-time PlayStation exclusive a medium reception and saw apparently disappointing sales. Reason? According to writer and game director John Garvin’s response to a fan on Twitter, “it aroused the critics. [couldn’t] Deal with a grumpy white biker staring at his girlfriend’s ass.”

Days Are Gone It is Sony Bend Studio’s first real foray into the open world genre and was released in April 2019. Dean St. John As it traverses a post-apocalyptic and zombie-infested Oregon, the game has reached a moderate-to-critical reception. took and 71 points on Metacritic and 72 in OpenCritic, most reviewers swipe the game for its boring world, frustrating exploration, and bland storytelling. Inside kotaku‘s reviewsaid former staff writer Joshua Rivera Days Are Gone “unsuccessful[ed] To present something new to meddle in a distorted way with the arguments put forward by 10-year-old scientists Walking Dead and countless other post-apocalyptic games.” In an other saying, Days Are Gone It was a completely unoriginal experience, albeit fun at times.

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The game has sold nearly eight million copies between its first PlayStation 4 launch three years ago, and PC port It was dropped in May 2021. Eight million is a big number to celebrate, but considering Sucker Punch Productions’ open-world Kurosawa-like Ghost of Tsushima Bend Studio’s top management, including former director Jeff Ross, sold the same amount in less than two years, declaration Days Are Gone and “disappointment”..

Now Garvin has shared his own theories as to why critics found it. Days Are Gone was a bit of a disappointment (h/t VGC). In a tweet after it was deleted (archived here), Garvin gave a fan three reasons why he thought the game was performing so poorly:

Three reasons:

1. had technical issues such as bugs, streaming and frame rate;
2. The game had critics who didn’t mind playing it.
3. And third, it aroused critics who couldn’t handle the grumpy white biker staring at her boyfriend’s ass.

if you played Days Are GoneYou probably know the scene Garvin was talking about. But for the inexperienced, there is an early comeback Where Deacon and his lover Sarah Whitaker (who would later become his wife) explore Oregon, walk the trails and tour the landscapes. Sarah stops the “show” [Deacon] What [he’s] I’m looking” and bends down. Deacon takes a step back and says, “Yeah, I found it,” and the camera pulls back to show him eyeing him. While this sexually explicit moment between the two characters is a point of contention for some critics, it’s not one of the main reasons the game didn’t score better than it did.

kotaku reached out to Sony and Garvin for comment.

Others on Twitter quickly disputed Garvin’s claims.

“claiming the protag ‘Days Are Gone‘ was too much of a nuisance to all these awakened critics, too stupid” tweeted. “We’ve been told that Deacon is a grumpy biker, but in reality he’s boring, docile, and does whatever the authorities tell him. His agency is limited to whining to himself.

“I think the main reason Days Are Gone The reason I got mediocre reviews was because the game wasn’t very good.” said another.

Perhaps video producer Chris Franklin summed it up best. “What seems crazy to me is that I don’t think anyone really hates it. Days Are Gonetweeted. “The consensus was that it was totally fine. Cromult. It does what it says on the tin. In an era brimming with open-world games and zombie games, it was definitely one of them. So, it’s one that doesn’t hollow out your title (at 71 on Metacritic!) but doesn’t sing its praises enthusiastically enough. It’s strange to be victimized by critics.

as me wrote in JanuaryI couldnt find it Days Are Gone fun game. “The controls were cumbersome and useless. Resource hunting was a disease. I enjoyed riding a motorcycle in beautiful apocalyptic Oregon, but that innovation wore off when I was constantly running out of gas.” And all this is because both the open world and zombie survival genres are incredibly oversaturated and Days Are Gone It didn’t do enough to differentiate itself from other games at the time.

I won’t be jealous of anyone having fun Days Are Gone. To each their own. But declaring the “wake-up critics” was one reason the game’s acceptance was not keeping up with reality. The truth was that Days Are Gone it was just some kind of good, soft, mid-range game. The world realized and acted accordingly: no need for “wake-up critics” conspiracy theories.

Garvin has since left Sony Bend Studio and is now Working on a game with NFTs.

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