Black Friday smartwatch deals make the Apple Watch 8 an easy pick

The Apple WAtch 8 on a blue desk and wrist
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this Apple Watch Series 8 It may be Apple’s newest smartwatch, but its emergence has been somewhat overshadowed. Apple Watch Ultra. With Black Friday fast approaching and last year’s watch on sale, do the new features in the Watch 8 make it worth buying? Apple Watch Series 7?

Since 6. Watch the Series, We had hoped for a refresh of the Apple Watch’s design, but Apple mostly didn’t change the core aesthetic. The biggest improvement has been to widen the screen a bit towards the corners. This means that at first glance there is little that separates the Apple Watch Series 8 from the Series 7 or even the Series 6.

It’s the contents that matter, though, and the Apple Watch remains by far the most capable wearable fitness tracker/smartwatch. This is because the iPhone is very deeply tied to the iOS operating system. It also manages its own version of the App Store, so most of your apps will instantly appear on the Watch when they’re connected.

The Apple Watch 7 is on a bed of stone.

Apple Watch Series 7 (Image credit: Future)

There is little difference between the Series 7 and Series 8 models, so it’s easy to decide which side to sit on with thin margins.

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