Bayonetta 3 Version 1.2.0 Released, Here Are the Full Patch Notes

Bayonetta 3 Version 1.2.0 Released, Here Are the Full Patch Notes
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Bayonetta 3
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It’s not over with PlatinumGames Bayonetta 3 yet! A second major patch update was released for the game today.

This latest patch (Version 1.2.0) comes with battle adjustments, stage state adjustments, some game mode changes, and various other changes and bug fixes. Here’s the full rundown, courtesy of the official Nintendo support page:

Drive. 1.2.0 (released January 10, 2023)

Battle Arrangements

The following Niflheim stage conditions have been changed to reduce difficulty:

Niflheim Stage Changing Conditions
Chapter 2 Verse 5(From Comfort to Expert) Changed 120 second time limit to 150 second time limit
Chapter 3 Verse 4(From Comfort to Expert) Two lives turned into three
Chapter 5 Verse 2 (From Comfort to Expert) 150 second time limit changed to 180 second time limit
Chapter 6 Verse 8 (From Comfort to Expert) Two lives turned into three
Chapter 9 Verse 8 (From Comfort to Expert) Changed 60 second time limit to 80 second time limit
Chapter 10 Verse 1 (From Comfort to Expert) 140 second time limit changed to 160 second time limit
Chapter 12 Verse 5 (From Comfort to Expert) One soul lost to two souls
game modes
  • The conditions for obtaining the “Tricolor Keys” required to unseal the “Old Picture Book” have been eased.
    • When access to the “Hell Gates” is possible, the “Tri-Colored Keys” will be automatically found on the section selection screen.
  • Even if the player has access to Gates of Hell or has already acquired a key or two, they will automatically receive the remaining keys when going to the chapter selection screen after applying the update.
Other Changes
  • Adjustments have been made to Golem Treasure Chests, which are available in stages.
    • Time limits have been increased and difficulty has been lowered.
    • Golem Chest smashing animation can now be fast forwarded with the B button.
  • Adjustments have been made to reduce situations where camera visibility is poor.
  • Adjusted game balance.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug in Chapter 7 Verse 5 that prevented progress when certain actions were taken while controlling Cheshire.
  • Fixed an issue where the effect of the “Hymn of Durga” accessory was not being applied to some attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where using Alruna’s ‘Captive Whip (P or K* long press)’ skill would cause enemies to die instantly in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue where weapons using “Scarborough Fair” and “Love is Blue” and “Crow Within” (J* long press)” would cause the player to advance significantly under certain conditions.
  • Fixed Bayonetta’s animations not playing correctly when switching weapons immediately after using “Crow Within (J* long press)” with “Scarborough Fair” and “Love is Blue” weapons.
  • Fixed a bug that caused “Black Pearl Rain (Spin L bar + S*)” for the Infernal Demon “Kraken” to trigger the “Wink Slave” with abnormally high attack power.
  • Fixed a bug that caused “Devil Rodin” to hang for a while when using “After Burner Kick (↑K* in midair)” continuously, immediately after raising with the previous “After Burner Kick (J・K*)”.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Viola’s Assault Slave to be able to summon Hell Demons in “areas forbidden by Hell Demons”.
  • Fixed a bug with the hand symbol appearing in Cutie J’s transformation sequence, which can be seen in the Side Episode.
  • Fixed other issues to make the game more enjoyable.

*P Punch, K Kick, S Shoot and J Jump.

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