Battle League Fans Excited for Daisy DLC

Battle League Fans Excited for Daisy DLC
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Daisy jumps through a portal in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

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Mario Strikers: League of War‘s first major update will add a character that fans have been clamoring for since pre-launch: Daisy. Yes, yes, the update brings other things, but come on! Daisy!! Finally!!!

Daisy has long been Mario sports games circuit including previous entries strikers series, Nintendo’s take on football. So when the news broke about a month before its launch, Mario Strikers: League of War suggesting that Daisy could be kicked out, fans went crazy.

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It turns out that Daisy’s absence is indicative of a broader problem. Mario Strikers: League of War. Originally released for Switch last month, received fair praise for his sharp, thrilling spin on football games. But it did receive a collective red card for starting a svelte on content: it only contained 10 playable characters. and duration War League out the door with five separate football fields, all pretty much the same, each just a cosmetic change to the stadium floor.

The free update comes out on July 22 and accelerates War Leaguecontent library, sort of. Daisy, who is talented in technique and passing statistics, is of course the headliner. One Twitter user caught the fan reaction succinctly:

Fan second-favorite Shy Guy, who has even stats across the board, will also join the roster, bringing it to 12 total characters. (The previous game, 2007’s Mario Strikers Charged on Wii, featured 12 captains and eight sidekicks, for a total roster of 20.)

It will also add a new stadium—the sandy Desert Ruin—plus a set of gear themed after medieval knights. In Battle League, you can earn in-game currency through playing. You can spend that currency on specific pieces of stat-boosting gear for each of the playable characters. The new gear set improves the strength and shooting stats of any character wearing it. Give it to Wario!

One has to wonder what the reception to Mario Strikers: Battle League would’ve been if Nintendo delayed the game an extra month so all this stuff could’ve been playable at launch. The biggest dig against the game was, again, how thin on content it was. This obviously didn’t impact sales too much—according to sales tracking firm NPD, War League It was the best-selling Switch game last month – but there’s no data to clarify how much or how little time these players actually spent in the game.

Personally speaking, I have already fallen: not enough to prevent matches from repeating themselves. But the introduction of two new characters and a new set of gear could spice things up. While it’s not there yet, with this week’s update, War League will eventually start to match all offers of a standard strikers the game.

Nintendo says War League It will receive two more updates before the end of the year.

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