Arc 3.0 Supers, Aspects, and Fragments released for Destiny 2

Arc 3.0 Supers, Aspects, and Fragments released for Destiny 2
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After months of waiting, the final Light subclass update is finally here destiny 2 with Arc 3.0 update. Bungie announces updated subclass and a blog post on the website Wednesday morning, but did not offer any images. (Gamers will have to wait to see Arc 3.0 in action. destiny 2 showcase on August 23).

This new version of Arc is all about mobility and getting up close and personal with enemies. And like all 3.0 subclasses, Arc 3.0 comes with new effects (what Bungie calls “verbs”), Elements, and Trailers, allowing players to customize their kit for this new playstyle.

Let’s take a look at the new additions.


hardened It’s the biggest and most important verb in Arc 3.0 because it doesn’t require you to equip an Aspect or Fragment to activate it. Empowered is an inherent feature in every Arc 3.0 class, and anyone can activate it by getting multiple kills with their Arc abilities. (You can also activate Reinforced in other ways through Features and Parts).

After empowering you will move faster and get more weapon use. You will also be able to slide much farther than usual. Running for a few seconds while empowered will give you a super speed boost, an even better glide, and a PvE-only damage resistance bonus.

Blind, Shakeand Ionic Traces Other terms to know with Arc 3.0. Unlike Empowered, Blind and Concussion only affect your enemies. Ionic Traces sit in the middle, spawning from enemies or abilities while benefiting you.

Blind works similarly to Void’s Suppress in PvE. Blind enemies cannot see you or use their weapons. It will create a flashbang effect for enemy players in PvP.

Shaking an enemy essentially primes them with electricity. Subsequent damage hits to a shaken target send lightning effects that deal chain damage to nearby targets.

Currently only available for Arc Warlocks, Ionic Traces will work somewhat similarly since their release. abandoned, but they will also apply to Hunters and Titans. Enemies leave Ionic Traces in certain situations, and picking them up grants you ability energy.

Hunter updates

Hunters get the most love with Arc 3.0.

Hunters will not only be able to block and change direction with the Arc Staff Super, but the Blink teleport option returns to their kit for the first time since the original. Destiny. And after having a raw deal with subclass additions abandonedArc Hunters is finally getting an alternate Super called Gathering Storm.

Using Gathering Storm causes Hunters to leap into the air and throw their Arc Staff like a spear. The staff can pierce the ground or enemies and deal area damage on the first hit. Shortly after implantation, lightning will strike the staff and overload it, creating a temporary damage zone around it.

Hunters will receive three Arc Elements to change their playstyle:

  • Flow Status: Killing a shaken enemy makes you stronger. While empowered, you gain more reload time, faster dodge charge, and damage resistance.
  • storm strike: While sliding, melee causes you to send out a surge of lightning that damages the ground and shakes enemies.
  • lethal current: Evade expands the range of your next melee attack, which also targets Jolts and inflicts a lightning aftershock. Lethal Current also evolves your Arc Staff Super, causing it to hit twice. Melee attacking a shaken enemy will also Blind them.

Warlock updates

Warlocks are changing, at least with Arc 3.0.

Chaos Reach and Stormtrance are back, but the latter will be a combination of Landfall and teleport trees. Warlocks will also maintain two separate Arc melee attacks. The first is a lightning ball with which they can fire at enemy targets. The second is a chain lightning ability, which will create a lightning net that catches enemies.

However, Warlocks have an additional interaction with the Empowered buff compared to other classes. While empowered, the functionality of various Warlock abilities changes. For example, ball lightning melee will hit three times, while chain lightning melee will hit more targets.

Warlocks will have three Arc 3.0 Angles:

  • Arc Spirit: Using a Rift creates an Arc Soul to assist you. Allies that step into your Rift will also gain an Arc Soul. While empowered, your Arc Soul fires faster. Your Rift charges faster when allies are nearby.
  • lightning surge: Activating your melee attack while sliding will transform you into a ball of lightning and teleport you forward, shaking targets in the area.
  • electrostatic mind: Killing enemies with Arc damage or killing targets with reduced Arc effects creates Ionic Traces. Collecting Ionic Traces also makes you Empowered.

Titan updates

Titans is getting a few big additions with Arc 3.0. Two Titan Supers return: Thundercrash (unchanged from its current iteration) and Fist of Havoc. The Arc 3.0 version of Fist of Havoc will take the best of its previous trees with a permanent damage area and weather area.

Most notably, the Titans gain a new class ability in the form of the Thruster, although like Hunter Dodge can only be activated while on the ground. This distinguishes it from the original DestinyTwilight Garrison Exotic (A piece of armor that Bungie promised never to return, leads some fans to harass developers on Twitter), which required players to be in the air. Players will be able to use the Thrust to power themselves in a particular direction that acts as an escape.

In addition to the original two Arc melee attacks for Titans – Seismic Strike and Ballistic Slam – they will have a third option: Thunderclap. With Thunderclap, Titans can hold melee buttons to load an attack; To charge, they must be stationary and on the ground. Releasing the button will deal a lot of damage to Titan’s opponent based on the amount of time they charge the attack. If charged long enough, this attack can instantly kill an enemy Guard in the Crucible.

Like other classes, Titans will have three Arc 3.0 Angles:

  • Touch of Thunder: Heals Arc bombs depending on their type. Flashbang grenades can also Blind enemies on the first bounce. Impact grenades will create an Ionic Trace and increase their damage output over time. Lightning grenades will gain a second charge and become Jolt targets. Storm bombs will create a mobile cloud that tracks and captures enemies.
  • juggernaut: When running with your class ability fully charged, you gain a front shield that blocks damage (and gets stronger when Empowered). Enemies can break the shield with enough damage, which drains your class ability energy.
  • Knockout: Your melee kills will trigger health regen and make you Empowered. Breaking or critically injuring an enemy shield increases melee range and damage. Knockout also causes your melee attacks to count as dealing Arc damage.


Bungie also previewed four of the Trailers coming to Arc 3.0. There will be significantly more Trailers in the game, but Bungie is keeping the rest private.

  • Signal Sparks: When empowered, Arc special weapon kills create a blinding explosion.
  • Spark of Resistance: You gain more damage resistance when surrounded.
  • Acceleration Spark: If you swipe ammo, you will reload your weapon and gain melee energy. You’ll gain even more energy as you slide over heavy ammo.
  • Shock Spark: Your arc bombs will shake the enemies.

It will be released alongside Arc 3.0 destiny 2 The season will start on August 18, 18. 23 after destiny 2 Showcase.

Update: Bungie updated its article To clarify that Titan’s new Thrust ability requires them to be on the ground, not in the air. This sets it apart significantly from the original Twilight Garrison Exotic. Destiny.

We’ve updated the Thruster-related language in the Titan updates section of this article.

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